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Sunday29 November 2015

"I have moved all of my horses over to Renew Gold™, and taken them off all grains. The difference in their coats, mane, tails and hooves is amazing!!  Better yet, they are extremely consistent in their work, the hotter ones cool down, and the ones that need more energy have picked up. Renew Gold™ has been the perfect addition to our feed program, for performance and health, I don't think there is anything better!!!"
Steffen and Shannon Peters

Why We Use Coolstance® Coconut Meal

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RenewGold coconutsNot all coconut meal is created equal…..the processing methods and quality of coconut meal can vary considerably. For over 20 years highest quality Coconut meal, like that found exclusively in CoolStance®, has been proving itself as a super premium, low starch source of digestible energy for performance horses in Australia. Clinically proven effective, CoolStance® coconut meal provides the benefits of  high quality protein, medium chain fatty acids , and digestible fiber while being extremely low in Non Structural Carbohydrates.  By adding CoolStance® coconut meal to our formulation we have found a synergy between Coconut Meal and Stabilized Rice Bran that compliments both ingredients in a number of ways. The result is a formulation that is highly digestible, while offering benefits in combination that neither can provide alone.

CoolStance Coconut Meal



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